NYX Haul

Hello everyone! It's been a long time coming but I'm back with a new haul dedicated to my all-time favourite makeup brand - NYX Cosmetics. On the International Women's Day my boyfriend surprised me with a small bag from the NYX store (quick relationship tip:  when he gets you makeup, that's how you know he's... Continue Reading →


Primark haul – March 2017

If I had to choose only one store where I would shop for the rest of my life without hesitation, I'd choose Primark. The closest Primark is located almost 100km from the place I live so I get there about once in a three months. I love this shop so much, mostly because it's extremely... Continue Reading →

Makeup hate

  I have recently started to wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis and I have to admit that it took me ages to pluck up the courage to do so. This was mostly because I was afraid of getting hate for wearing too much makeup, which I've already gotten so many times before and... Continue Reading →


In the world of makeup contouring is an essential part of creating the flawless look we all crave. In the case you don't contour your face, you should start right now as it helps to define your features - creating the appearance of slimmer nose or chin and higher cheekbones, long story short - your... Continue Reading →

How to hide pimples with makeup

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning, walk to the bathroom, look in the mirror and see a huge pimple on your forehead and you feel like shooting yourself right between the eyes? Yeah, me too, girl. Pimples or zits are nothing else than an excess oil trapped in the... Continue Reading →

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