Low cost travel: WorkAway

Hello everybody!
First off, I’d like to apologize for not posting enough lately, that’s mainly caused by the fact that I’m finishing highschool in a few weeks and I need to study quite a lot to pass the school leaving exam. However, yesterday I took the first part of the exam and that’s why I have some free time to write a post.

The theme of this post is closely connected with the fact that I’m taking my school leaving exam as there is 4-month holidays awaiting after that, before I go to the university. That might actually be the longest holidays I ever have in my life and only one thing comes into my mind when speaking about long holidays – TRAVELLING!

As I’m still a student without an income, apart from the one from part-time jobs, I’m always looking for the cheapest way to travel. I’d love to make this a little bit of a series since I’ve got numerous tips on low cost travel to share with you and the first one is a website I discovered called WorkAway .

WorkAway gives you the opportunity to travel the world and all you have to pay for is the flight ticket! Basically, numerous hosts present where they are from and what sort of work they need to help with and if that suits you, you can contact them a agree on a stay. The workawayer stays with the host for a few weeks for free including free food in an exchange for a little help (usually 25 hours of work a week). According to the website there are over 27435 hosts in more than 155 countries and that’s a lot to choose from! 

The type of work required ranges from building, animal care, teaching, babysitting to photography, marketing, video making and many more. I’m persuaded anyone can find what is best for him. Imagine working on a wineyard in France, helping in an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka or helping to save the turtles on the beaches of Brazil. That’s what WorkAway actually offers, needless to say you can gain a lot of experience the future from this kind of work.

So what do you actually have to pay for?
Once you decide to give workaway a try, you have to sign up on their website and pay a fee. There are two possibilities for the account. The first one is a usual individual account for one person and the fee is 29 euros for a year. The second option is a couple account designed for people who want to travel together, not only for couples but also for friends etc, in this case the fee is 38 euros for a year.
Then once you choose a host and agree with him on a stay, you need to pay for your flight ticket or any other mean of transport. The hosts might pick you up on the airport, however, it’s not their duty so you might have to pay for a bus or train to get to the place of stay.
And then you can live for free, however, I recommend to have some money on you for trips as you can travel the country and visit many interesting places.

WorkAway provides you with an unique option to travel for very little expences, to get to know locals as you actually live with them and most importantly to experience the culture of the country which is not always possible while staying in fancy hotels.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below if you have any questions or any experience with workaway you’d like to share!




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