Primark haul – March 2017

If I had to choose only one store where I would shop for the rest of my life without hesitation, I’d choose Primark. The closest Primark is located almost 100km from the place I live so I get there about once in a three months. I love this shop so much, mostly because it’s extremely affordable and what’s more – the items are always up to date.
I visited Primark today and I’d love to show you a few things I got.

Reed diffuser – Raspberry and vanilla
I’ve found it in the homeware section and it just smells amazing which means I had to have it! It was only 4€ !! vonavka.png

I always either lose or destroy my thermomugs which is why I got to get a new one. I’ve chosen gliterry one which says ‘Drama Queen’ and that’s totally me. It was 4,50€.

Flip flops
I’m persuaded it’s never too early to get ready for summer and I’ve started just today! I got one of these every summer since they tend to last only about two months, however, they cost 1,50€ so it’s actually amazing they last at least those 2 months.


Shower suction pads
I’m not sure why I got this, I guess it just looks very cute and was very cheap so that’s it.


Probably the best thing I got! I’ve been obsessed with chokers lately and this one is just perfect! It looks so luxurious and it was only 3€!


Basic t-shirt
I feel like I don’t have enough casual t-shirt so I got this one which says ‘Busy doing nothing, just in case you were wondering’ and again – that’s totally me, lol!


Tiny handbag
It might not be visible in the picture but this handbag is one of the smallest I’ve ever seen – perfect for a night out just for a purse, phone and some makeup essentials. I also love the pattern and the colours! And what’s more – it was only 3€!! What a bargain!


Mattifying bloting paper
These sheets are great for removing either excess oil or sweat without ruining your makeup. I usually buy blotting paper at NYX, however, when I saw these I thought I might give them a chance since they’re so much cheaper (1,50€) and I’ve never actually bought anything from the makeup section of Primark except for their brushes which are amazing btw.


Fake nails
These nails are just perfect for a night out when you don’t feel like getting manicure and paying enormous amount of money for it. It comes with a glue and the application is extremely easy, also look at the colour, love it!

Micellar cleansing water
As I’ve already mentioned I’ve never gotten anything from the makeup section so I thought I give a shot to this micellar water since I’m running out of mine. I haven’t used it yet, however, I’ll be happy to let you know how it is!


Brown sunglasses
These are very basic sunglasses I always buy at Primark but since I always get them in black I decided to buy brown ones so I could match them with other outfits. They are super cheap (1,50€), very good quality, don’t break very easily and the best thing is they look super cool on everyone, seriously I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t look great wearing them!


Contour kit
I got this primary for my mum as she wants to start contouring her face so I bought this kit since it was really cheap so she can practise with it till she buys something more expensive. It consists of a contour shade, a bronzer and a highlighter. Unfortunatelly, I don’t have a pic of it as I’ve already given it to her.

And that’s it! This was probably the least I’ve ever bought in Primark, however, I didn’t show you everything. I got some underwear, socks, basic black jeans and cami tops as well but they’re not actually worth showing I guess.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post!

xxx Jara


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Primark has lovely items, i need to shop there more. You’ve picked up some great stuff too..xx


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