Makeup hate


I have recently started to wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis and I have to admit that it took me ages to pluck up the courage to do so. This was mostly because I was afraid of getting hate for wearing too much makeup, which I’ve already gotten so many times before and many times it was just for wearing an eyeliner.

I don’t know why people tend to hate women who put an effort and do their makeup. Do they think the women are not beautiful without it? Or are they just jealous because they can’t do their makeup so well? Notice that girls who wear makeup don’t give af about girls who don’t wear any yet the girls who wear none always get salty about girls who do. Interesting, right? I really can’t stand those girls, I’m like: ,,Shut up and put some concealer on”

People who shame makeup should realise one thing – we are not trying to cover our face because we’re ugly, on contrary – we put makeup on to enhance our features, to emphasize the beauty we already have.

Self Love #aaandeee113 Taking off your makeup and watching yourself go from 10 to a... STILL A 10 :

Don’t be confused. The makeup I wear is not making me beautiful, I am beautiful, the makeup is just a cherry on top. 

¿Y? Que a nadie le afecte que la que lo lleva soy yo.:

The aim of this post is to encourage all the girls and women out there who are still afraid to wear as much makeup as they want just ’cause they’re afraid of what others would say. Do you want to wear dramatic eyeshadow? Do it! Do you want to go to school wearing a black lipstick? Go for it! Want to wear eyelashes long enough you can fly away? Just put those babies on! Paint your face, cake it on, blend until your arms fall off. F*ck what everyone says.
It’s your face, your life and your choices so don’t let anyone be mean to you just because you do want makes you happy and feel attractive, 90% of the time they’re just jealous.

Makeup is not a mask.
Makeup is art.
Makeup is passion.
Makeup is expression.
OmgI love natural and fleeked up no hate:

Love yourself!



Source of the pics: Pinterest



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  1. I’ve experienced bad comments before, but that was because I wore a shade of foundation that was too orange. I’ve never found that wearing make up was a necessity, but I do love to wear make up, because it is an expression of yourself. At the end of the day, as long as you feel comfortable with yourself :). xoxo Sarah

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  2. You’re so right! People need to stop hating on girls who want to wear makeup that looks amazing. They need to understand that wearing makeup is not because someone is insecure or doing it for boys or whatever but that we wear makeup because we love it. Makeup is so much fun and an art and they should compliment the girls that have the talent to create the most beautiful eyelooks, a sharp winged eyeliner of eyebrows that are on fleek instead of hating on them. Keep on going! xx

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