How to hide pimples with makeup

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning, walk to the bathroom, look in the mirror and see a huge pimple on your forehead and you feel like shooting yourself right between the eyes? Yeah, me too, girl.

Pimples or zits are nothing else than an excess oil trapped in the pores. There are many ways to prevent the breakouts, including washing your face daily, proper skin care routine and also your diet. I’m planning on publishing an article about preventing acne, however, this article is dedicated to the situations of emergency when the pimples eventually appear (most commonly on that special time of the month) and hiding it with makeup, because why should a pimple stop you from looking flawless?

  • First thing first, you need to cleanse your face properly. Use a micellar water or other cleansing product to do so (no, water is not enough).
  • Avoid moisturizing the area. Most of us use a moisturizer before putting on some makeup, however, using a mosturizer on the pimple is not a great idea – it would make it even more greasy and that’s undesirable, duh.
  • Grab a green concealer! You might be wondering why a green one, don’t worry an article about colour correcting is on the way as well! For now, remember that green is used to reduce the redness on your skin and that’s why it is applied on the pimples. Watch out – apply the green concealer right on the spot, not arround it.
  • Apply a regular concealer. Start with dabbing on and around the spot and then finish with gently blending it and smoothing down any harsh lines.
  • Apply a foundation on your face. Be very carefull while doing this as you can smudge the concealer and ruin the masterpiece you’ve just created, again – undesirable.
  • Continue with setting your whole face with a powder.
  • TADAAA – That’s it! Now you are ready to finish your makeup and I bet noone will even notice that there’s any imperfection (read: a huge nasty pimple) on your face 🙂

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